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Why are proteins good for me?


A healthy and tasty way to fight off hunger at any time of the day.


When you're giving it your all, protein gives you a kick and replenishes your energy.

Fat burners

They burn excess fat and help you keep your muscles strong.

Great taste

The milk proteins in Active Protein products have a pleasant, balanced taste without a chalky aftertaste.

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Proteins in the diet

Proteins in the diet

Protein is an essential building block of every cell. Together with fats and carbohydrates, they are the main sources of energy. A diet rich in protein burns excess fat, helps build muscle, and supports healthy bones.

What about sugar?

We don't add sugar to milk because it naturally contains milk sugar - lactose. This counts towards the total sugar content of the product. We add sugar to some products to make them taste better. By exercising regularly, you can burn off the sugar with ease.