RAJO dairy changes its name to MEGGLE Slovakia, products under the rajo brand continue

Bratislava 2.4.2024 - The brand rajo has been synonymous with popular and quality dairy products in Slovakia for almost 30 years. The strength of the rajo brand was also the reason why the German company MEGGLE AG joined RAJO in 2001. Today, on Tuesday 2 April 2024, the parent company is making a formal change and unifying the name of its subsidiary in Slovakia with the other companies within the MEGGLE Group. Production at the Bratislava plant continues unchanged, however, and the rajo brand of dairy products remains unchanged as well.

RAJO company has been part of the MEGGLE Group for more than 20 years and has experienced an extremely positive development during this period. As of 2 April 2024, RAJO's affiliation to the MEGGLE Group will also be reflected in the company's name and the dairy will operate as MEGGLE Slovakia s.r.o. From this date onwards, the management team consists of three experienced managers, Matthias Oettel, Managing Director of MEGGLE Group GmbH, as well as Erwin Horváth and Branislav Kušnierik, who are both based at the company's headquarters in Bratislava.

The new name of the company and the entire group bears the name of the founders of the German company, the Meggle family, who have been active in the dairy industry for three generations. Today, MEGGLE operates in around 20 countries, employs more than 2,500 people and sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world.

"The rajo brand represents maximum enjoyment and excellent product quality for customers in Slovakia. That's why we continue to keep it as a product name, but organizationally we want to bring our colleagues in Slovakia closer to the MEGGLE Group," explains Matthias Oettel, CEO of the MEGGLE Group.

The change of the company's name has no impact on the ownership structure, the production site or the approximately 400 employees of the Slovak dairy and the rajo brand. Products for the Slovak market will continue to be produced in the Bratislava plant under the rajo brand.


About the MEGGLE Group

Tradition, quality and continuous innovation have been the recipe for MEGGLE's success for more than 135 years. In 1887, Josef Anton Meggle I founded a cheese factory in Wasserburg am Inn, laying the foundations for the company's successful history. Today, the MEGGLE Group GmbH is one of the best-known manufacturers of branded goods in the food and processing industry. In the consumer products division, dairy, bakery and vegetable products represent the ultimate in pleasure and convenience. MEGGLE's best-known product is the fine herb butter. MEGGLE produces excipients and high-quality dry products, such as lactose, for the pharmaceutical and food industry and sells them worldwide in the Ingredients division. In 2022, the MEGGLE Group will achieve sales of approximately €1.5 billion with approximately 2,500 employees at six production sites worldwide (three of which are in Germany). The company's headquarters are still located where it all began more than 135 years ago: in Wasserburg am Inn in Upper Bavaria.