Quality policy

Satisfied customer

Satisfied customers who keep coming back to us are the focus of our work. We undertake all internal and external activities in the interest of our customers. Our products have a high standard of quality and are made under controlled conditions safe for food production.


We develop and prepare innovative products and in doing so pass along this high value to our customers. Our best experts are dedicated to processes of innovation and developing products with high added value thanks to their transparency. Our innovation activities are not only focused on our products but also apply to the whole chain of value creation.


Trust is the basis of our business culture and motivation. On the principle of mutual recognition and respect, we create the desired relationship of trust, which forms the foundation of an effective method of management.


We have a cooperative style of management focused on results. We apply the principle of teamwork and support one another in order to achieve a common goal. We create a working climate that encourages creativity in our co-workers.

Permanent improvement

The entire management process at Rajo is characterized by permanent improvement. Indicators for individual areas and reports represent the foundation for continuous process improvement.

Collaborators and efficiency

We provide additional training for our employees, because doing so ensures high efficiency in all areas. We have the greatest respect for our collaborators, suppliers, customers and partners


Through fair business practices and investments, we ensure the continuity of our company for the future. At the same time we protect the interests of current and future generations in terms of living standards and quality of life. In addition to short-term effects, we also take into account with each important decision the long-term effect on the economy, the consumption of resources, the environment, our co-workers and society as a whole.