The environment

The environment is important to us, and so all our activities are directed focus on preventing pollution or damage to the environment.

RAJO s.r.o., belongs to the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control – which is a set of measures aimed at preventing pollution, reducing emissions into the air, water and soil, reducing waste and recovering and disposing of waste to achieve a high level of environmental protection. In this regard, our company complies with all laws related to these measures.

We separate waste, comply with the mandatory limits on the range of recovery and recycling of packaging waste, monitor electricity, gas and water consumption daily and try to reduce the consumption of these energies, particularly through measures in the production process.

We monitor the quality of wastewater and air pollution in several emission indicators, and by recycling solid waste we help protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas production.

By introducing the best technology available, we improve our production processes, always with regard to the quality of raw materials, energy efficiency and materials and waste production.

A large portion of our products are packaged in FSC-certified packaging. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent organization that has created the world’s largest forest certification system. This guarantees that the timber was harvested legally and in line with the principles of carefully managed and sustainable forest.

Implementation and acceptance of environmental criteria in the development and manufacture of new products and operation of the best technologies is the right way to avoid environmental damage.

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